ARD DUI Eligibility

If you are charged with your first-offense DUI, you may be eligible for an option which most Pennsylvania counties call Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition or ARD.

The program gives you a chance at a fresh start and allows for your charges to be withdrawn upon completion. You will also be eligible to have the charge expunged from your criminal record, provided you complete the court's requirements. Each county has its own ARD program and Dauphin County's requirement can differ from those in Lancaster or York counties. However, most programs require community service hours and drug and alcohol treatment. Once the required time period of the program is complete, the charges can be dismissed and you can then request to have the DUI expunged from your record.

However, it is critical for an ARD graduate to be aware that if you are arrested and convicted for another DUI within Pennsylvania's 10-year "look back period," your original DUI will count against you at sentencing. In that situation, you will be subject to second or higher DUI penalties with harsher sentences and fines, treating you as a habitual offender.

Should You Take The ARD Option?

ARD is a great opportunity, but not the best option in all cases. Only after hearing the details and circumstances of your case could an experienced attorney give you an accurate opinion. Only after speaking with an attorney from our office will you know for certain if ARD is the right choice. If you are a first-time offender, you will want to explore the ARD option with a no-obligation consultation with a lawyer at our firm.

An Affordable DUI Defense

The cost of having an attorney looking out for your best interest is priceless. That's why The Law Office of Jason R Carpenter takes a unique approach to fees and online credit card payment plans. We strive to offer high-quality legal representation in a way that is affordable.

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