Skilled Guidance For No-Fault Divorces

No matter how hard a couple tries to keep their marriage together, there may come a time when a divorce may be in the best interest of both individuals. When both spouses agree to the terms of a marriage, an uncontested, no-fault divorce may be the least expensive option.

At The Law Office of Jason R Carpenter, we know how difficult going through a divorce can be. We strive to make the process as easy as possible while protecting your best interests throughout divorce proceedings.

Advantages Of No-Fault Divorce

When the situation is appropriate, proceeding with a no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania can offer a number of benefits for both spouses, including:

  • Save time – A fault-based divorce often requires a lengthy legal battle that takes much longer to resolve than a no-fault divorce or no contest.
  • Save money – Because it is a longer process, the expenses of navigating a fault-based divorce are significantly higher than no-fault divorces
  • Avoid fighting your spouse – Rather than fighting your spouse, a no-fault divorce allows both individuals to reach a resolution in a more amicable atmosphere

Attorney Carpenter will work closely with you to identify whether a no-fault divorce is right for you. Our flat-fee pricing structure and unique billing model ensures you can receive high-quality divorce representation at an affordable rate.

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