Protection From Abuse Orders

No one should live every day in constant fear.

Protection From Abuse orders can provide relief to help those who are in danger. Such an order can exclude an abuser from a home, children and your work if such protections are deemed necessary by a Court of Common Pleas (CCP) judge. The Law Office of Jason R Carpenter is able to plead your case to a judge and help demonstrate to a court the reason why protection is necessary. We will make sure the necessary steps are taken to protect your safety and the needs of your family. If you are in immediate danger and need assistance, please call emergency services. Certain types of protective orders are always available — not just during traditional business hours.

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Have You Been Served A Protection From Abuse Order And Need A Defense Attorney?

While PFAs are a necessary aspect of the law, there are times an order can be retaliatory or unnecessary. Our office has seen many cases in which PFAs have been used in divorce situation where attorney representation could benefit a PFA defendant. A preliminary PFA is often granted without your side of the story heard by a judge or your lawyer present to argue your case. If retained before a final PFA hearing, our office may provide an optimal result for you.

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