Helping You Through Divorce In An Affordable Way

A simple divorce is never easy. We are a law firm that recognizes people have a variety of emotions as their marriage ends ranging from grief to relief and everything in between. Often people come to us feeling fed up, tired of fighting with their spouse and need an attorney who recognizes that divorce is both a legal and personal issue.

The attorney you need during this time period of your life must be the kind that you can count on to be looking out for you in every aspect. At The Law Office of Jason R Carpenter, you will find lawyers who will look out for your best interests.

The firm serves central Pennsylvania in matters of:

  • Uncontested divorce — The firm's unique fee system is a great option for spouses who have agreed on terms.
  • Contested divorce — Attorney Carpenter will not back down from a fight if it is in your best interest.
  • Custody We will help the court see your side of the story and advocate for your child's best interest.
  • Spousal support If the law determines your spouse should pay you alimony, our representation can help ensure the order is for a fair amount and length of time. Alimony does not have to mean "all the money." Hiring an attorney can easily pay for itself with the right legal argument.
  • Domestic violence — Our firm can assist you with protection from abuse orders.
  • Divorce for Christians A mix of strong legal advice coupled with the spiritual support you need as you divorce.

Find The Legal Help You Need Today At Our Firm

The Law Office of Jason R Carpenter in Harrisburg offers no-obligation, free consultations. In addition, you will appreciate the firm's flat fees and unique billing system with a credit card payment plan that makes our representation affordable.

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