How Our Firm Approaches Child Custody Cases

Time with your children is one of the most emotional pieces of divorce or separation from the parent of your child. At The Law Office of Jason R Carpenter, we take a children-first approach to custody matters, whether in an initial custody order or a modification of an existing order. We have rejected custody cases that we deem not in the best interest. Each case is different and we ask that you contact our office to see if we are the right firm to help with your situation.

How Child Custody Is Determined

Pennsylvania's legal standard for determining both legal and physical custody is what is deemed to be "in best interest of a child." Often people ask, "what does the best interest of a child mean in my case?" It is important to understand what the courts across central Pennsylvania will consider when looking at visitation rights and child custody issues. The law lists 16 factors a judge or custody officer must consider.

A few of the factors include:

  • The potential for the parents to encourage relationships with the other parent
  • Stability for the child
  • Which party will meet the daily physical and emotional needs of the child
  • Past criminal or abusive histories of each parent
  • Each parent's work schedule and ability to care for the child
  • Stability in the child's education
  • The ability to continue relationships with siblings and kin
  • A child's preference, given his or her age and articulation

Representation With Your Rights At The Forefront

Custody cases are always difficult, not only for the children and litigant, but for the attorneys and court as well.

If you have questions about your rights as a parent or your ex-partner's custody rights regarding your child, you need an attorney who will fight for your child's best interest.

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