A Living Will Belongs In Your Estate Plan

While it is often confused with a last will and testament, a living will is a separate, important legal document that outlines the medical care you wish receive if you become incapacitated. A failure to establish a living will places a burden on your loved ones to determine your wishes.

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Benefits Of Having A Living Will

Having a living will inside your estate plan provides a number of benefits for you and your loved ones, including:

  • Ensure your wishes are followed – Because a living will specifies what types of medical treatments you do and do not want, your doctors can be sure they are acting according to your wishes.
  • Avoid family arguments – If you do not have a living will, your loved ones may have to come together to make a medical decision. While your entire family has your best wishes in mind, that does not mean they will agree what the right option is for you. A living will helps prevent a heated conflict by providing clear instructions for your medical care.
  • Provide your loved ones with greater peace of mind – Unless there are clear instructions, your loved ones may never know for sure whether they acted according to your wishes. A living will helps ease that burden by making it clear what your desires are for your end-of-life medical decisions.

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