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Pennsylvania Veterans' benefits: adapted housing

Pennsylvania is home to numerous individuals who have proudly served this country and suffered injuries in this process. Many of them have been left with disabilities because of their service. Veterans' benefits are in place to help these individuals continue to move forward with their lives in the most comfortable way possible. Unfortunately, some may not be fully aware of all the benefits available to them -- such as adapted housing. 

So, what is the adapted housing benefit? Who is eligible? What if one's request is denied?

Fathers' custody rights do stand in Pennsylvania

Some people believe that fathers are not treated fairly in family law circles. For a long time, it has certainly felt that way. Thankfully, times are changing, and when it comes to having custody rights, fathers' custody rights do stand in Pennsylvania.

Who should get the kids following divorce or separation? For many years, the answer was mothers. Years ago, there was a legal doctrine to this effect, known as the Tender Years doctrine. As more fathers are wanting time with their children, and this time has been scientifically proved to be beneficial in most cases for children, courts are recognizing the positive effects of co-parenting.

Things To Know About Living Wills

Pennsylvania residents who become incapacitated and lack any legal documents that express their wants for medical treatment, place their lives in the hands of medical providers, family members, and the court system. What happens to them will no longer be up to them. Those who wish to have a say in their treatment should consider having a living will.

What are living wills? Living wills are legal documents in which one expresses personal wants and wishes for medical care. They can be extremely detailed if one has a lot of thoughts on the matter, or they can be really basic. It all comes down to personal preference.

How to talk about divorce with your children

Not only is divorce an emotionally difficult process for couples, but also for their children. In fact, one of the most challenging steps of divorce is telling your children that their parents are no longer going to be living together. They may be confused or may blame themselves for the divorce.

Having a good, productive discussion with your children can help make divorce easier for them. In many cases, the ages of your children will dictate how you consider approaching this conversation. With that in mind, here are some things to remember when talking with your kids about your impending divorce.

When should I grant power of attorney?

The question posed in the title of this post is an important one, though many readers might be at a loss as to explain why. Perhaps, like the late comedian Prof. Irwin Corey used to do, we should break the question down into its two parts.

Should you grant power of attorney? Most doctors and attorneys dedicated to diligent estate planning would say yes, unequivocally. Assigning power of attorney is that legal action that hands over the control of your health care and possibly financial decisions to someone else if you become incapacitated for whatever reason.

Debunking 4 common child custody myths

One of the most difficult components of a divorce for both spouses to figure out is child custody. Pennsylvania has strict laws on the books laying out how courts determine custody and the different types of custody available. 

In the event you and your partner cannot reach an agreement on your own, then you and your lawyers will reach a decision in court. Many people worry about talking about child custody in court, but most of these fears relate to myths that continue to circulate about the process. 

Are divorce lawyers necessary if spouses agree on everything?

Divorces are always going to cost a fair amount of money. You may think you can represent yourself, but self-representation is one of the worst things you can do for any court case, especially for a divorce.

When two spouses divorce, they may assume they can save on attorney fees by agreeing on everything beforehand. It is certainly possible to reach an amicable divorce, but both people should still hire lawyers. You do not want to find yourself in the middle of a court case only to wish you had gotten a lawyer before all this.

Basics of making a will in Pennsylvania

Making a will tends to be one of those tasks most people prefer to put off. However, getting your estate planning in order before it becomes a matter of urgency can save your loved ones a lot of headaches and expense.

Learning some basic information about the requirements for a valid Pennsylvania will can help you get started. It is important to avoid using will forms. They offer a very basic template that often cannot do what you need it to. An experienced attorney can help you identify estate planning goals and suggest the best way to achieve them.

Why Are People Rushing To Get A Divorce in 2018?

We recognize divorce is a difficult decision and a major life change. While you may be contemplating if seeking a divorce is the right choice for you, we at the Law Office of Jason R. Carpenter wish to make you aware of the tax law changes that could have a huge impact on your financial future. Recent legislation has changed a 76 year old tax deduction that was enacted shortly after World War II . 

3 ways to make divorce easier on the kids

Divorce is never easy for the spouses going through it. However, it can be particularly hard for any children the couple share. Breaking the news can be particularly challenging for the parents, but it is important to practice what you will say beforehand and ensure the children that this is between the parents. Kids should never feel as though they had a role to play in the divorce

There is no way to spare a child's feelings entirely. As long as both parents are able to act maturely, they can help their children get through this time much more easily. 

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