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Are divorce lawyers necessary if spouses agree on everything?

Divorces are always going to cost a fair amount of money. You may think you can represent yourself, but self-representation is one of the worst things you can do for any court case, especially for a divorce.

When two spouses divorce, they may assume they can save on attorney fees by agreeing on everything beforehand. It is certainly possible to reach an amicable divorce, but both people should still hire lawyers. You do not want to find yourself in the middle of a court case only to wish you had gotten a lawyer before all this.

There is a good chance you did not agree on absolutely everything

You and your spouse may be able to agree on what to do with the house, car and kids, but there are plenty of small details in every divorce. When you consult with an attorney, you may discover there are important things you and your spouse forgot to discuss. Did you both agree on who will pay for the child's college education? Do you know how to divide retirement assets? These are the kinds of things only a lawyer makes sure to bring up, so seeing an attorney helps ensure that you two truly agree on everything.

A lawyer ensures you fill out the proper paperwork on time

It is possible for you to file your own paperwork, but you have to be extremely careful. Judges will throw out a motion even if there is just a single mistake. This can lengthen the court process substantially, so hiring an attorney is worth it just so you can get through this period of your life quickly.

Divorce lawyers can help draft the entire agreement

Attorneys know precisely what language to use to ensure a document holds up in court with its intended meaning. One misplaced word can result in huge consequences down the road. Attorneys also know to include boilerplate paragraphs that may come in handy if there are disagreements later on.

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