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Do Veterans' Benefits Cover Ptsd?

While in the service of your country, you have seen and heard things that the average person only sees in movies. Your experiences have left you with mental and emotional scars that will be with your for the rest of your life. These scars can be disabling, even if physically you seem fine. Pennsylvania residents who are suffering from PTSD due to their military service may be entitled to collect PTSD disability, which is just one of the many veterans' benefits offered to members of the armed forces.

In order to seek PTSD disability benefits, you will need to fill out the appropriate request and file with the Veterans Administration. Along with it, you will need to provide any evidence you have that proves your PTSD resulted from your military service. This will not be a quick process. In fact, the VA is known for dragging these requests out.

Sad as it is, the VA actually denies approximately 75 percent of PTSD disability claims. If this happens to you, it does not mean this benefit is off the table. It just means you need to try again. You can appeal the VA's decision, but you only have so much time in which you can do it. To learn more about fighting claim rejection, please visit our firm's website.

Military service members do so much for the country, they deserve to be taken care of when their service is done. Unfortunately, too many of them find that accessing veterans' benefits is much harder than they thought it would be. An attorney with experience helping veterans obtain the benefits they have earned can assist veterans residing in Pennsylvania with fighting to obtain PTSD disability and/or other benefits for which they may qualify.