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The Dangers of Using Social Media During Your Divorce

Social media’s impact on your Divorce and/or Custody Case is nearly unavoidable. Many of us enjoy having a profile for various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While this is an excellent way to remain connected to friends and family, engaging in social media before your divorce or custody case is finalized can lead to some disastrous results as well as compromise your ability to obtain the ruling or settlement you desire. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to stay logged out of social media until it is officially finalized.

How can something as seemingly innocuous as social media be detrimental to your divorce case? Read below to find out:

  • Your posts can be taken out of context: You might think that the posts you make are completely innocent, but the fact is that anything can be taken out of context. Even an innocent photo of you smiling next to your child could have legal implications. For example, if you were to share pictures on Facebook that show you out, drinking with friends, and cutting loose, your spouse’s attorney might be able to take this out of context and claim that you party too often and are irresponsible. If you are fighting for custody of your children, this could impact your ability to successfully obtain the results you are seeking.
  • Your posts contradict statements you make in court: People often try to make themselves appear far better off online than they actually are in real life, but if you do this while you are going through a divorce, it will only make you appear dishonest in court, which can severely jeopardize your chances of achieving a favorable divorce settlement. For example, if you post about going on an extravagant or lavish vacation and claim that you are unable to afford spousal support or child support payments, you will look like a liar. Often a spouse spends money, buying new cars or other status items and show the world they are doing well while they cry poverty in court. Of course, this will not do you any favors in court.
  • You overshare details regarding your divorce: Writing about your divorce at all online is a big mistake. Divorce is certainly stressful and overwhelming experience, but most attorneys should you go to the internet to vent about these frustrations or to complain about what a horrible person your spouse is. Not only could this make you look bad in a courts eyes, but it could give your spouse’s attorney a head’s up on what to expect in court. If your divorce requires you to speak with someone a counselor can be the best option.
  • Your friends shared your posts: When you marry someone, one often ends up sharing friends and starts having couple friends once the marriage ends, it might be hard to tell where one’s loyalties lie. This means that even if you unfriend or block your ex-spouse and tighten up security on your profile, a mutual friend of yours might share a post of yours with your spouse, which might be used against you in court.

What Can be Done

If you absolutely cannot cut social media from your life, exercise caution with every post you make. If you would be uncomfortable with a judge seeing your post, do not post it. Be sure to ask your divorce attorney for more advice regarding how you should manage your social media presence and what is okay to post if you decide to continue to partake in it.

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