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Keep the house; I want the dog.

Divorce not only impacts the human members of our families, but that of our beloved pets’ lives as well. Ask any Family Law Attorney and they can tell you a story about a divorce that dragged on for years over the custody of a family pet, even after all the marital asset issues had been settled. Harrisburg has now begun the process to recognize our emotional attachment to our non-human family-members by proposing a new legislation.

4 common myths about money and divorce

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, you may wonder how the court will divide your and your spouse’s finances. Additionally, questions often arise regarding which assets your spouse is entitled to receive.

New bill promises VA appeals process overhaul

The delays and long waits associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs are well known. When a rejected disability claim is appealed, that makes a slow process even slower. Stars and Stripes, published by the Department of Defense, reports that 12 percent of total benefits claims are appealed.

Effectively Co-Parenting After A Divorce Is Tough: Do It For Your Kids

A divorce has a traumatic effect on any family. However, it is possible to get through the experience with less stress, which is better for everyone involved. Anxiety about dealing with your ex is a normal feeling for all parents when the marriage or relationship ends. But, for the sake of the children, it is critical to attempt to find a way to interact with your ex that does not cause your children, or yourself, undue anguish.


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